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Did you know three out of four luxury purchases are now influenced by digital interactions?

Whether you are looking to drive direct bookings, boost sales, increase loyalty scheme sign-ups, create email lead generation or connect with the right clientele: creating high-quality digital content is the most effective way to make your destination and services sought after.

At The Chosen Club, our inspirational edits are fast becoming the go-to for high-end millennial travellers. With hundreds of thousands coming to our site for decision making advice, we are now looking to partner with exceptional travel destinations and service providers around the world.

Join us in creating powerful digital content and contact us for a free strategy session now. We will tell your brand's story and connect you to your audience like never before.

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“Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

Seth Godin

The Chosen Club is a powerful online community of like-minded individuals, who share a passion for style, travel, design, interiors and lifestyle. 

60% of people on our mailing list work for high-end fashion brands, banks, real estate firms and media companies. Our audience is roughly 75% female and 25% male, well-educated, earns more than $100,000 per year and and has a clear obsession with travel. 

We've made our name in cutting out the junk and covering only things which will be inspiring to our users. We truly believe that beautiful images and high-end content is the most powerful language there is.

Actually the statistics say it too. 72% of marketers now feel that content marketing offers a better ROI than traditional magazine advertising, while 69% feel that it’s more effective than direct mail and PR.




We are just about to launch a new searchable platform where you can type in your location eg. New York and see the hottest places, properties and services in that location. We have numerous exciting and innovative opportunities available for brands that want to collaborate and stay top of our hotlist.   

Depending on your  KPIs, we can tailor your partnership to drive sales, email sign-ups, social media followers, loyalty card subscribers and much, much more. 



Want to create a buzz around your destination? Let us help you be the hottest name in your industry.

From producing memorable guides and in-house content for guests, from targeting key influencers that will add instant value to your destination, we get that every brand has a unique story and will happily create a bespoke solution just for you.




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What is The Chosen Club? 

We are a rapidly growing online community that takes a very high-end approach to travel curation and destination-inspired top ten lists.

Working with influencers, style editors, bloggers, fashion designers; we share the hottest 'need-to-know' products and places of the world’s most stylish people. 

To maintain our brand appeal, we only accept applications to work with partners who are luxury focused and have beautiful aesthetics. 


What is your aim? 

To be the most beautiful site for curation and discovery of the hottest names in luxury travel and to set our partner brands apart through the highest-quality digital storytelling. 


Who Is Your Audience?

Our users are the next generation of luxury traveller, who wants to see only the hottest interiors, beautiful destinations and most Instagramable places. 

It is a more empowered consumer than anything ever experienced before, who needs access to more information, full transparency and visual content on a whole new level. 


Who’s Your team?

Our design team is young, talented, driven and very visually strong, having worked with fashion brands such as Conde Nast,  Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon. 

Led by The Chosen Club Founder and Editor-In-Chief Suzi Boyle (who’s worked with companies such as Net-A-Porter, The Sunday Times Style, Vogue & The Guardian Travel), we approach the travel market in a way that is a little bit different from our peers: with an emphasis on style and high-fashion aesthetics. 

Compiled with the best digital marketing experts out there, our team is progressive, ahead of the curve and has a deep understanding of the future of luxury online. 

Why would I pay FOR CONTENT?   

The way consumers shop for, book, share and ultimately experience travel has changed dramatically. 

With more online competition for bookings than ever before, price comparison sites are sadly robbing hotel brands and travel agencies of their luxury images and diminishing what used to be clear: true distinctiveness.

We are on a mission to bring that back by creating visually inspiring content that connects and converts the luxury market in a new way. 

Our beautiful curation and unparalleled content by real fashion/design journalists and influencers replaces the concept of an annoying online advertisement.

Instead of cheapening your brand name with spam, we produce highly sophisticated, relevant and impactful campaigns that connect in a meaningful and memorable way.


Can anyone be featured? 

We are first and foremost committed to showcasing hotels, hospitality groups and agencies that are leading-edge in the design and luxury sector. 

To maintain our brand reputation as a carefully curated source, we look partners that show evidence of:

*Authentic and sophisticated service. 
*Loyal/satisfied guests. 
*High-end, luxury lifestyle emphasis. 
*Elegant interiors and amenities. 
*Historic, iconic or original buildings. 
*A unique experience.  
*Distinct attention to small touches.  
*Thoughtful culinary/guest experiences.