Have you noticed tobacco is back in fashion? It may not be cool to smoke anymore, but as far as the fragrance-world goes full-bodied smoke scents are where it's at. As the weather gets colder, notes of  leather and warm fiery fragrances become so much more enticing... Putting our noses to the test on your behalf, here are 10 fragrances we are crushing on right now.  


Tom Dixon, Scent Diffuser, Fire


The Fire diffuser from Tom Dixon blends notes of cypriol oil, musk and amber for a deep smoky scent. Diffused via an organic charcoal stick, the mouth-blown red glass vessel looks chic on any surface. 


KELLY BEHUN STUDIO, Kook Milieu Candle


Kelly Behun Studio's Kook Milieu candle is a warm, hand-pouredand intoxicating fragrance with notes of firewood, embers, and ash. Superbly blended.  


EB Florals, Rose & Wood Candle, 8 oz.


Eric Buterbaugh is florist to the hottest names in Hollywood. Celebrating the essence of rose with a hint of smoked wood, this sultry scented candle is hand-poured in Los Angeles.


CIRE TRUDON, Odalisque Room Spray


Inspired by the pale curl of smoke from a narghile, this wood bark and orange blossom scent is luxurious and romantic. Use it to bring old-world sophistication to a room.


Buly 1803, Retour d'Egypte scented CANDLE


Opulent. Warm. Iconic. French-formulated brand Buly 1803 creates sophisticated, all-natural candles without paraffin or chemical compounds. In affection for sun-drenched deserts and the smoked incense of sacred ruins, this inspired this scent comes in a glass bubble jar that will take pride of place in any styling display. 


Penhaligon's, Maduro Leaf Candle


Evoking wood paneled walls, soft leather armchairs, a fire burning in the grate and the heady scent of cigars; British heritage brand Penhaligon's Maduro Leaf candle is full of sensuality. Packed with essential oils, the triple-wick candle burns for up to 110 hours.


LE LABO, Santal 26 Vintage Candle


Le Labo's Santal 26 is a classic aristocratic scent that regularly sells out- gentle, smoky and leathery. Loved by both men and women alike, use it to fill your space and give it recognizable personality. 


CALEB SIEMON, Sequoia Forest Candle


Pure luxury. Caleb Siemon's Sequoia Forest candle features hand-poured plant-based wax in a topaz mouth-blown crystal. With a soft fragrance inspired by the Sierras, where the essence of the forest combines with a crackling campfire...


Diptyque, Feu De Bois Candle


Diptyque's iconic scent is designed to evoke the characteristic fragrance of a real wood fire.  A rare woody essences.


D.S. & DURGA, Portable Fireplace Candle


With a lingering, warm fragrance, D.S. & Durga's candle is designed to replicate the luxe comfort of a real wood fireplace. Light it whenever you crave the burn.