Cult NYC designer, Ryan Korban has been our Instagram crush for a while now. Known for combining old-world romance and urban cool, his projects have a spirit of their own which seem to turn heads and defy the normal status quo. Distinctly decadent, he’s become the fashion-world’s interior designer of choice. Designing retail flagships for the likes of Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Altuzarra, Fivestory and Aquazzura as well as private homes for James Franco and Debra Messing. A fan of colors, textures and cool metallics, we had to sit him down and ask his top 10 styling tips. Exclusively for The Chosen Club, here he shares how he does it...


Engage all the senses

“I usually ask people what their favorite scent is or what their favorite flower is. I'm more interested in what moves people's senses than putting a bunch of samples on a board.”


Start in the middle

"Putting furniture along the perimeter of a room is really the worst thing you can do for a space. It leaves empty space in the middle of the room and lacks interest in traffic flow. The best trick is to work in the middle of the room.”


Combine seating with surfaces

“I love the idea of having a surface by a sofa - whether it’s in front or on the sides. I never like a sofa that seems like it’s floating by itself.”


Play with scale

“When it’s a coffee table I really focus on the bird’s-eye view. But it’s still all about proportions – start with a big book then a small book and then a smaller object on top of that, like a beautiful ashtray.”


Go big on the small things

“I’m a huge believer in the home accessory, and I think that’s what tells a story and gives a space heritage. I’ve always believed in spending the most money on the small pieces.”


Fabric is key

"People do not always think about fabric because it's usually something professional designers are more focused on, but it is a great way to update any area in your home.”


Go decadent everyday

“For me, luxury--especially in the sense of interior design--is the idea of taking luxurious things and using them in your day-to-day life.”


Paint will revolutionize the space

“A simple paint job can transform any space. Paint can make ceilings appear higher, you can fake molding with it, and every time you change it, not only can it look new but you can create any mood you want with it.”


Light it up

"Lighting is the perfect update to any space. I have a bit of a lighting addiction, but it is definitely one of my more healthy addictions. Floors lamps, tables lamps, chandeliers and sconces––mix them and go wild!”


Go over-sized

“What I try to do a lot of the time is make one statement and make it really big. It's always been about making confident choices and making them in a way that there is no room for interpretation of what the statement is.”