If you are unfamiliar with the work of fashion stylist, photographer and creative director Margaret Zhang, prepare your eyes to be tantalized with a visual feast. 7 years after starting out as 16-year-old in Sydney posting photos online, the now 23 year-old Zhang has worked with luxury brands all over the world- from Gucci to Swarovski, Clinque to Lexus, to Louis Vuitton. Zhang has directed a short film for Dior and appeared on the pages of Vogue, Harper's and Elle magazines. In short: when the girl takes a photo, the world listens. While life now has her jetting between New York, Los Angeles, China, Hong Kong, London and Milan, there is one city that always sticks out. In Zhang's own words: "Paris is a whole different story. No matter how many times I go, for work or for pleasure, the magic doesn't seem to wear off." Inspired by her beautiful Instagrams of the city, here are 10 unmissable spots that have played backdrop to Zhang's work. 


The Ritz

"Paris creates beautiful things," says Zhang. No-where is this more true than in the recently re-opened iconic hotel, The Ritz - which has always held a vision of being the most luxurious place to stay in the world. A magnet for high-society, the new aesthetic is complete with a red carpet entrance, 18-foot-high ceilings and the prized Coco Chanel suite. 



No trip to the City of Light could ever be complete without a quick Instagram at The Eiffel Tower.  7 million people per year pay to get the panoramic views at the top. Or you could just power pose below, like Zhang, if standing in line is not your thing. 


La Maison Rose

This quaint little pink bistro in the beautiful Montmartre district is historic and has been featured in thousands of paintings (and now Instagrams). Picasso has visited it and in the 1900s, it was home of Germaine Pichot, a well known painting model and notorious femme fatale. 


Rue De Villersexel Apartment

When Zhang was given the brief to style a "hopelessly glamorous" fashion shoot in Paris with "endless limbs stretched out across matte parquet floors, glaring up at high ceilings, ornate marble fireplaces, plaster of Paris curling and tumbling around door frames, French windows thrown wide open by poetic city winds" this apartment is where they stayed. 



Inspired by St Petersburg's historic 'White Nights', the Nuit Blanche is a dusk-to-dawn festival that takes place annually in Paris on the first Saturday of October. The aim? To let art dramatically take over the city for one night only. This coloured ice block sculpture is Zhang capturing "the remnants of a wild Nuit Blanche installation." 


The Seine

The river Seine flows right through the heart of Paris and for centuries has inspired poets, painters, philosophers, novelists, architects, lovers and (of course) tourists. We love the way Zhang styles it up here. 


minipalais restaurant in grand palais de la decouverte

Full of traditional Parisian elegance; this covered terrace has wow imperial columns, a fully restored mosaic floor and wall, and a three star Michelin chef in the kitchen. Perfect for a summer's lunch, the menu features local fresh produce and eco-friendly options. The lobster club sandwich is top of our 'to try' list. 


The Latin Quatre

The heart of bohemian Paris, a stroll around the left bank is always inspiring. As Zhang says it's: 'all about the CCs and commitment to grandpa dressing.'


Early morning walks

Like many artists and designers we've spoken to Zhang appreciates the morning light and stillness in the city "with completely empty streets and a cinematic wash of early fall sun and biting breeze".


The Louvre

The Louvre Museum is the largest museum in the world. No-one should go to Paris without at least seeing the landmark building  once. As Zhang's image shows here, it looks different every day with the clouds, the sky, the sun, the wind, the rain...magical.