When it comes to East London insiders there are few as authentic as Stacey Wood. Founder of the beautifully branded British fashion brand King & Tuckfield (which you can visit here),  her inspiration was her grandmother's East London wardrobe in the 1920's. As she secretly confesses “I very rarely move out of East London, I live, work and play this side of the city." Sharing for the first time ever her favorite places, here's where to eat, drink, shop next time you are in the neighborhood. 


Shoreditch House

On Sunday morning, I’m often found in the house gym before I meet my partner or friends for breakfast, it’s a great way to start your Sunday.


Granger and Co

Their decor colour palette is so beautiful, pale pink, tan leather and gold hardware.


Franze & Evans

I’m obsessed with cake and I’m found walking out of Franze and Evans most weekends with the biggest box of cakes, they don’t last long. Tea & Cake brings backs memories of my Grandmother.


Mast Chocolate

My home is now on this street (Redchurch Street) and I love every nook and cranny of it! Beautifully wrapped chocolate with packaging that’s almost too good to eat- you can book in for a tasting or they have chocolate cocktail nights too. 


Columbia Road flower market

I’m here every Sunday picking up flowers for my apartment, showroom and studio. The hustle and bustle on a Sunday is wonderful and you can imagine generations past walking the market.


Campania & Jones

Also on Columbia Road, the overall experience in Campania from the ambiance to the food and décor makes it very memorable. 


The Barbican

They have some great exhibitions here. Hints of the Eames exhibition influenced our SS17 collection – I love to spend my free weekends here for inspiration.


Sadler’s Wells theatre

Ballet is an important part of our brand story. My Grandmother was a ballet dancer in the 1940’s and my father too from a very young age, I try to see a ballet performance here as often as I can.


Strut & Cluck

Strut & Cluck is a family run business and is my go to when I have no idea what to eat.  - I OD on the cauliflower in this place, each dish has so much love, flavour and colour, and is built on fond family recipes from the owner’s childhood.


The Ace Hotel

I lived in East London for over 15 years and I walk aimlessly around forgotten streets, which are starting to become more alive as the years pass by. If only they could talk! The Ace Hotel lobby is now a real hub for creative meetings.