WATERWORKS, Studio 'Luna' White Marble Wastebasket

$79.90 (was $99.99)

In bright white polished marble, this wastebasket always looks high-end. With clean, geometric lines, it effortlessly looks good anywhere. 


WATERWORKS, Studio 'Wallingford' Wastebasket

$79.90 (was $99.99)

A burnished nickel wastebasket designed with a dose of colonial New England chic. Use this for a classic and refined bathroom touch.


Mercury Row, Blumberg 1.5-Gal. Wastebasket

$73.99 (was $76)

Mercury Row's bathroom accessories are designed to add a zen like feel to your space. Evoking spa-retreat elegance, this all-white trash can will blend harmoniously into your existing decor.


WATERWORKS, Studio Sculpted Soapstone Wastebasket

$83.90 (was $104.99)

Take modern to the max with this natural soapstone wastebasket. It offers effortless sophistication and works well in any loft-style apartment. 


Malabar Bay, LLC, Kenya Tululip Wastebasket

$59.99 (was $69)

Need a stylish waste bin? We found it for you! Showcasing a pretty scalloped edge and unique zig-zag pattern- it's all about the small design details, right? 


InterDesign, Steel Round Wastebasket

$21.24 (was $24.99)

Boasting a lustrous chrome finish, this circular, compact trash works exceptionally well in a cool and contemporary bathroom. It's also our most affordable option on the list.  


Seletti, Trash-Chic 1.3-Gal. Metal Trash Can


From their general headquarters in Cicognara, Italy, the Seletti family, over time, have created a brand recognized all over the world. Blending quirky uniqueness with luxury designer appeal, we love this bathroom trash can. It looks like it belongs in a five-star Miami Beach resort room. 


Gedy by Nameeks, Square Waste Bin

$82.99 (was $109)

In a luxury Hermes-inspired orange, this faux leather option makes for a tasteful and sophisticated pop of color. 


NU Steel, Roly Poly Wastebasket


In a glossy 'go-with-anything' gray, the Roly Poly wastebasket will look good in any kind of bathroom. From an all-white decor scheme to bright color clashing walls. 


Kassatex, Mesh Wastebasket Silver

$59.99 (was $79.99)

Kassatex's Mesh Accessories Collection is crafted from finely sculpted resin. Designed to replicate perforated metal, each piece offers unique industrial appeal.