Laurence Rouet is someone who has built a career on her love for beautiful linens and knows only too well what the world’s elite are looking to cocoon themselves in bed with. Responsible for the launch of Kenzo Maison, she worked in the fashion line’s interior department for 10 years, before moving onto France’s internationally-renowned luxury linen brand Yves Delorme as Artistic Director. Hot on the back of celebrating the family-owned company’s 170 year heritage at Hotel Rothschild in Paris, we caught up with her to find out her key pointers for creating a bed so beautiful, you’ll never want to get out of it.


Add a touch of florals anywhere you can

For me, flowers are not cosmetic but rather an active component in the creation of joy. I always need them in the bedroom somewhere.


Mix it up twice a year

In Spring-Summer, I like to focus on white, fresh percales, flowers and plants. In Fall-Winter, I bring-in a depth of color. Warm and cozy materials for the colder seasons is a must. Soft blankets and beautiful to touch textiles are simply heaven!


Invest in the best quality you can afford

We spend one third of our lives in bed. One of the foundations to a good night’s sleep is your sheets so it is worth opting for sophisticated products that luxuriate the experience. Yves Delorme translated into english means a dream, a romantic affair. We work on the principle that just as you buy nice clothes to feel good in during the day, the night should be beautiful too…


Get wash savvy

Have you your sheets ever come out of the dryer twisted? That’s because you have put too many in at one time. Leaving more space will result in them coming out fluffier. While washing on a cool, delicate cycle will preserve the fibers in your sheets - keeping them feeling new for longer.


Switch up pillowcases

Replacing pillowcases is the easiest (and most cost effective way) to freshen up your look. I recommend replacing them every 6 months to a year to keep things from feeling stale.



The Yves Delorme collection is international and so we do not create different lines for a particular market. That said, there are strong cultural differences that can be played around with. Both our U.S and European clients are very sophisticated, but the U.S client is probably more classical and prefers our timeless designs. European clients are interested in the seasonal pieces. In Japan, people are very fashion-forward- they love our floral designs, especially the pink ones! In China, we see a big love of bright-colors and Jacquards. I think we can all be inspired by each others cultural approach.


Find a brand you can trust

Terms such as thread count, Egyptian cotton, percale and sateen have become a part of everyone’s marketing strategy. But not everyone actually understands the difference. What makes luxury fabric “luxury”? Firstly, a high standard of choice of natural materials and fine fabrics are more important than the thread count. Secondly, the best weaving facilities - we use about 40 specialists in our factory in France for each weave. And lastly, excellent attention to detail and finishes.


A hint of color is key

So many people go for all white bedding- which I love but I believe just even the tiniest splash of something different brings the look to a new level of sophistication. In my experience, the eye needs color just as it needs light.


Know what feels good for you

The finish and the feel of the fabric are just as important as the quality. One weave is not considered better than the other. It all depends on personal preference. Sateen finishes are silk-like to touch, a percale is more crisp and fresh, jersey is soft and stretchy, flannel is fuzzy and good for winter.


Make your bed beautiful each morning

It will keep dust mites to a minimum and make the experience of getting back into it all the more enjoyable.