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Growth strategies for luxury products and services.


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Want to grow your customer market? Boost sales? Create email lead generation? Inspire and engage a new target market?

Working only with the best-in-class luxury brands and products, our talented editorial, design and marketing team creates powerful digital content designed to showcase and scale the most beautiful products and exclusive services in the world.

Did you know that three out of four luxury purchases are now influenced by digital interactions? Contact us for a free strategy session now and find out how we can get you to stay 'top of mind'.


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The Chosen Club prides itself on being the most beautiful site for curation and discovery of ‘need-to-know’ places, products and services. 

Our powerful online community of like-minded individuals share a passion for style, travel, design and interiors, and want to see only the very best in luxury lifestyle.

60% of people on our mailing list work for high-end fashion brands, banks, real estate firms and media companies. Our audience is roughly 75% female and 25% male, well-educated, earns more than $100,000 per year and and is interested in luxury goods.




The Chosen Club is visited by over 2000 new users every day. 

We can inspirationally position your brand to drive sales, email sign-ups, social media followers and much, much more.

Rather than push advertisement, we inspire customers with highly desirable visual content designed to be book-marked and remembered. This is powerful. 72% of marketers now feel that content marketing offers a better ROI than magazine advertising, while 69% feel that it’s more effective than direct mail and PR.





Need beautiful editorial to promote your product or market to new customers? Everything we touch is designed to set you apart from the crowd. Let us create bespoke solution to suit your needs.  

Please note: we work only with luxury brands and products we truly believe in and can create an impact with.  




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What is The Chosen Club? 

We are a rapidly growing online brand that takes a very high-end approach to the concept of curation and top ten lists. Working with influencers, style editors, bloggers, fashion designers; we share the hottest 'need-to-know' products and places of the world’s most stylish people. 

To maintain our brand appeal, we only accept applications to work with sponsors who are target to the luxury market and have high-end appeal. 


What is your aim? 

We set brands apart from the competition by creating the highest-quality content marketing available.

Our aim is to always remain forward-thinking, ahead of the cultural landscape and so design focused that our ability to tell a brand's story remains unparalleled. 


Who Is Your Audience?

Our online readers are high-net worth, time poor individuals who want to see only the best home and lifestyle finds. They don't have time to trawl online for hours.

It is a more empowered consumer than anything ever experienced before, who needs access to more information, full transparency and photo-centric inspirational content on a whole new level. 


Who’s Your team?

Our design team is young, talented, driven and very visually strong, having worked with fashion brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane and Giles Deacon. 

Led by The Chosen Club Founder and Editor-In-Chief Suzi Boyle (who’s worked with companies such as Net-A-Porter, The Sunday Times Style, Vogue and The Elle Style Awards), we approach the process of launching digital campaigns in a way that is a little bit different from our peers: with an emphasis on high-fashion aesthetics. 

Compiled with the best digital marketing strategists out there, we are progressive, ahead of the curve and have a deep understanding of the future of the market. 


The breakneck pace of disruption in mobile computing, social media, digital content creation and content delivery has completely altered the way consumers shop for, and ultimately experience, the whole process of buying and selecting luxury goods. 

With more online competition and fragmentation than ever before, to be attuned to the competitive marketplace has never been so important. 

By creating visually arresting and inspirational content by real fashion/design journalists and influencers, we are on a mission to expand and raise the profile of beautiful brands online. 


Can anyone be featured? 

To maintain our reputation as a carefully curated source, we look partners that show evidence of being:

*On trend. 


*Boutique, unusual, exciting, heritage or high-end. 

*A trusted/trustable source. 

*Distinct visual appeal.  

*Integrity in how it’s made.