The sterile white kitchen look is officially over. Primarily reserved for the domain of the professional designer and billionaire home owners, black kitchens are now becoming seriously big. With more products and finishes readily available than ever before, the formally niche color tone has reached new mainstream heights. Why? The Chosen Club gives you the behind-the-scenes insight into the trend and why we are backing it to continue into 2017 and beyond.



It creates value for potential buyers

Right now you cannot underestimate the influence of social media on design. As consumers are exposed to beautifully curated rooms on a daily basis, statement finishes are sought-after. Be it a strong black patterned tile or a dramatic juxtaposing of kitchen textures, custom designed rooms have become universally appreciated.


A Little Goes A Long Way

A color like black is very strong. You don’t need much to make a big visual impact with it. Updating one or two key staples and appliances into a black colorway will instantly give your kitchen a chic new appeal.


Designs have become very sophisticated…

While in the ‘80s black kitchens were big for a while with high-gloss surfaces and gaudy gold accents, more thought has been put into making the dark look timeless. Keeping it Scandi-minimal-cool and mixing it with chic neutrals and organic textures has created a new elegant appeal.


It offers tremendous aesthetic flexibility

Although white and black are traditionally opposites they share two very important commonalities. Firstly, neither ever goes out of fashion. Secondly, both go with everything. You don’t need a big renovation to make a big change with it. Simply modernizing your existing look with black tiles or finishes will offset everything.


It holds classic appeal

While flirting with a statement colour has always been popular, black denotes a feeling of simplicity and minimalism in a space. Its popularity signals a return to a much-needed classic appeal over fading trends.


It plays to our perception of luxury

From Apple® iPhones to AiAiAi Headphones to the Rolls Royce Phantom, matt black is everywhere in luxury branding right now and this has effected the way we perceive it in our kitchen too.


It feels more rustic and organic

The perfect manufactured look that dominated kitchen design for the past ten years has given way to people wanting something earthier and more real feeling. Black gives a distinctly raw appearance, particularly if it is mixed with luscious foliage or natural textures like timber and rustic stone.


It mixes well with precious metals

Metals and metallic finishes have been hugely popular over the past few years. We’ve seen the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold-tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-coloured hues continuing. With a black background, these more unusual fittings truly shine.


It exudes a new kind of minimalism

Another kitchen trend we are seeing emerge is a distinct move to quality over quantity. People no longer want every every gadget under the sun. Influenced by the Nespresso trend- having just one or two very beautifully designed  black appliances has become synonymous with very good taste.


It is welcoming

The mood has changed distinctly away from stark, sharp spaces to creating more relaxed kitchens, where you want to spend time and welcome others. Black strangely comes across softer than white and can be very inviting, creating the type of ambiance you can comfortably sit in for hours.