Have you ever found yourself drooling over a sumptuous and sophisticated black painted room on Pinterest? The likelihood is that Abigail designed it (or at the very least inspired it).  As Gwyneth Paltrow gushed, the London-based interior designer has "a knack for artful arrangements." Her use of inky dark hues turned the sterile white look on its head and inspired a whole generation of interior designers to go for more interesting tones and textures. Exclusively for The Chosen Club, she shares the 10 decorating secrets that always set her apart from the crowd.          



hudson black paint


With undertones of brown, this hue is the softest black on the planet! I used it in this room in my London home and eventually had to bottle the tone as everyone kept asking about it. Use it to make decorative accents pop. 


"I Am NUMBER 5" Love warriors photographic print


Strong artwork is key. I create intrigue by putting photography and portraits everywhere.


scented incense pyres, blackbird


Incense is the best for creating a home with depth. I prefer using it than candles for creating a beautiful home scent. 




I'm obsessed with cacti! They are show stealing, free form and sculptural and the add just the right amount of escapism to any room. I've dotted them all over my pad (outside as well)!


elle decoration


The UK magazine has the BEST insider information. 




Sheepskins instantly warm a room up, add oodles of texture and look inviting all at the same time. Clever right?  I sling them everywhere over sofas, dining chairs, anywhere that's looking bland.


mud bead chandelier 


Chandeliers. I use them everywhere!




Bouquets (real or faux) always complete a room for me! 

Vintage morrocan rugs


Moroccan rugs are another obsession - especially vintage one-of-a-kind statement ones. Their tones make them look handcrafted works for your interior and they feel incredibly laid back yet luxe. On my speed dial are Maroc Tribal and Laursi - two fabulous companies that specialise in rugs.


george smith sofa

This was an investment piece and one of the first things I brought for my London house. It's still going strong after 15 years plus! These guys are serious craftsman - the sofas are hand built for maximum comfort. I love mine!