If you haven't heard of Frank Body (click here to see their site) then you are missing out on one of the coolest beauty brands to launch for a long time.  Young Aussie co-founders Bree Johnson and Jess Hatzis established the all-natural skincare company with less than $10,000 in 2016. Armed with mainly killer social media skills, they've created over $20 million in brand sales and sold 2.2 million of its signature coffee ground-based body scrubs. We love their style! And had to find out what's kept them looking so fresh-faced and glowing along the way. Exclusively for The Chosen Club, the girls share the products they couldn't live without... 


frank body, Creamy Face Cleanser


BREE: Grey, not gloomy. I use this every morning. A charcoal based cleanser that washes away dirt, make-up and bad days without stripping your skin.


MV Rose Plus Booster


BREE: For skin that’s as thorny as a rose. A delicate serum to calm and hydrate.


Le Labo The Noir 29

$180 – 265

BREE: Reminds me of drinking red wine, at Nomad’s bar.


Baxter of California Candle Cassis NoIr


BREE: If a candle can look like an attractive man that’s how I would describe this. Smells like an attractive man too.


Ellis Faas Concealer

$40 – 174.50

BREE: A great concealer in aerodynamic packaging for when you need to hide dark bags in a hurry.


frank body Cacao Body Scrub:


JESS: Because I like to have soft, glowing skin and smell like chocolate cake.


Image 50+ SPF:

JESS: I've been using SPF since I was 15. Thanks mum - from my face.




JESS: People couldn't invent more hours in the day, but we could invent dry shampoo.


Byredo, Black Saffron


JESS: My signature scent. Spicy, citrusy, delicious.


Mr Smith, The Foundation

JESS: A great hair styling must-have. Makes hair higher, better, bouncier. Me like.