Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz are the founders of the understatedly cool Malin+Goetz apothecary and lab, which started out in New York's Chelsea district in 2004 and is now in every high-end hotel's bathroom and the most stylish boutiques the world over. Their ethos? To create amazing quality natural products in packaging which looks beautiful on the shelf at all time too. With a nose for what's cool, the pair share exclusively for The Chosen Club 10 bathroom accessories they could not live without. 



malin + GOETZ, grapefruit face cleanser


This one always looks beautiful sitting out on the shelf. The perfect everyday city cleanser.  It removes the day's grime, including eye make-up, leaving the skin purified, balanced and never irritated.  

SWISS white horn toothbrush


Made in Italy, the gorgeous pearly white handle and natural bristles make this a must for the bath.  It feels comfortable and luxurious as well! 




A fab fav of ours and our customers, and a scent that is most wanted in our hotel amenity programs.  It a warm and sweet spice that both women and men use all year round!!!


aromotherapy BATH SALTS


They give the best soak after a workout, and, act as a quick fix for a cold and congestion. If sprinkled on the floor of a hot shower—it’s like a steam bath!


original toothpaste


Minty fresh and a beautiful old world design and charm that makes any bathroom look great.


rubis tweezers


I love the tweezers with the red cross.  Effective, simple and great looking—very MALIN+GOETZ. 


Apothecary jars and vessels

We love the look and feel of these for display in our bath, filled with cotton balls and swabs.  We also sourced found jars (we like old English and French jam jars) for our toothbrushes and tweezers.  Many have been purchased at the Red Chairnear our weekend home in Hudson, NY


Frette towels


Towels and wash cloths from Frette. The quality speaks for itself.  They are so divine.


malin + goetz, eucalyptus deodrant


Our best selling natural deo allows your body to function as it should while killing any odor.  Alcohol, aluminum-free and no staining. 


acca kappa,
nail brush

We garden up in the country on the weekends, so having a good nail brush is indispensable at place there.  Actually, it’s indispensable in the City too.