International make-up superstar, Wendy Rowe, is behind some the world's most beautiful faces and biggest fashion campaigns. The go to 'glow-girl' for the likes of Siena Miller, Cara Delevingne and Kate Hudson; she is used to advising A-Listers on how to live well. Exclusively for The Chosen Club, she shares her secrets for maintaining your radiance when at home and the top ten products she could not live without.    




home and matter, space clearing spray


If ever you feel like someone has come into a space with bad vibes and negative energy, this spray helps to clears the room and pick up energy levels again.


wendy rowe, eat beautiful

$21.09 (was $30)

Eat Beautiful is like my home bible! It helps me to remember exactly how to make all of my favourite recipes and beauty fixes and has everything written down in the herbal pharmacy section about useful healing herbs and remedies. 


Omorovicza,  body cream


It's really great on the skin and isn't heavy at all, it absorbs really well. The Omorovicza brand is also one to know. Very healing, a Nobel-Peace prize winning lab creates their unique  formulas. 


margaret dabbs, foot hydrating foot soak lotion 


It feels amazing and really helps dry areas such as cuticles and heels. 


Gastrolux, Biotan frying pan

$99.95 (was $149)

My new Gastrolux Biotan frying pan is incredible and I love using it to cook new things or recipes from my book. It cooks really quickly - you can fit a mushroom and a kipper in it at the same time for instance. Plus it's got a detachable handle which means it's great for doing a frittata in the oven!


nike, zoom pegasus trainers


They fit perfectly and are sooo comfortable. I've torn my achilles tendon recently, they are all I can wear at the moment!




I  brought some Crystals back from a trip to Austria which I put in my water jug. They filter and add minerals back into water which is a great way to help replenish the body


burberry, the large BACkpack


My Burberry backpack is great to throw stuff in for when I'm doing sport. It's casual and cool but practical for every day and it's also big enough for me to fit my laptop also.


mio skincare, liquid yoga restorative bath soak

$30.50 (was $40)

Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga is the best to use in the bath for soothing, relaxing and easing muscle tension after a workout


sarah chapman, overnight facial supplements


I absolutely love them!. They contain magnesium and omegas which are all good for skin repair and replenishing muscles but they also help me get a really great night's sleep